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Why Reclaim?

It is time for parents to reclaim what has been entrusted to them - the hearts and minds of their children. Many parents have been conditioned to believe that they are not qualified to make educational decisions for their children. That is a lie that we seek to bring into the light. 

Children are given by God into the care of parents by birth or adoption, and sometimes into the care of other family members. It is a solemn privilege to manage and there are a limited number of years given to have the most focused influence in the lives of these children. It is not a responsibility to take lightly.

By graduation, most children in public or private education in Ohio will spend close to 11,000 classroom hours sitting under the influence of someone other than a parent or family member. That number does not include extra curricular school activities. The books they read, the topics covered and the manner in which they are addressed, the curriculum, the atmosphere - all chosen by someone other than you. If you are not home educating, it is vital that you hyper invest yourself into the school your child is attending.

Your child's future depends upon your reclamation. 

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