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(A) The parent(s) shall send to the superintendent an academic assessment report of the child for the previous school year at the time of supplying subsequent notification. Revised Code 3301-34-04

Option 1: "Results of a nationally-normed, standardized achievement test."
Option 2: "A written narrative indicating that a portfolio of samples of the child’s work has been reviewed and that the
child’s academic progress for the year is in accordance with the child’s abilities."

Option 3: "An alternative academic assessment of the child’s proficiency mutually agreed upon by the parent and the superintendent." 

The list of assessors provided below is for informational purposes only. Geauga Homeschool does not endorse anyone on this list. It is the responsibility of each family to call, verify the assessor's teaching certification, and evaluate if the assessor will meet the needs of their family.If you are an assessor and would like to be listed please send your name, certification number, which option you offer, and contact info to

NOTE: If you choose to use Option 3 for your assessments, it is important that you check with your superintendent before making a decision on an assessor. This must be done each year you choose to use Option 3.

Dawn Ciferno - Full for 2021/22 assessments 
Option 2

Elizabeth Lansing 
Option 1

Edie Joyce
Options 1 and 2

Amy Shea


Option 2

Alicia Taylor

Option 2

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