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Within five calendar days after commencing home education, moving into a new school district, or withdrawing from a public or nonpublic school, and by the thirtieth day of August each year thereafter, the parent or guardian of a child receiving a home education shall transmit a notice to the superintendent of the child’s school district of residence. The notice shall provide the parent’s name and address, the child’s name, and an assurance that the child will receive education in the subject areas required under this section. The child’s exemption under this section is effective immediately upon receipt of notice. The district superintendent shall provide a written acknowledgment of the superintendent’s receipt of the notice to the parent or guardian not later than fourteen calendar days after receiving the notice. A child exempt under this section shall not be required to be excused under section 3321.04 of the Revised Code. RC 3321.042 (C)

All Lake County info can be found here.

Chardon School District

Superintendent Michael P. Hanlon, Jr., Ph.D.

428 North Street

Chardon, OH 44024


Berkshire School District

Superintendent John Stoddard

14155 Claridon Troy Rd.

Burton, OH 44021

Kenston School District

Superintendent Steve Sayers

17419 Snyder Road

Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023

NOTE: West Geauga and Cardinal superintendents delegate all homeschool notifications to the Lake Geauga Educational Services Center. This has been approved by the State Board of Education's legal department. In order for homeschoolers to be in compliance with the homeschool statute, we must supply our information to the superintendent of our local school district. If you choose to send your notification directly to the ESC it is important that you address it as shown to Amy Dawson. Otherwise, address and mail it directly to your superintendent at the address given below your district.

Superintendent (name)  of  (your local school district)
 Amy Dawson

Geauga County Home School Coordinator

Administrative Assistant

8221 Auburn Rd

Painesville, Ohio 44077

Cardinal School District

Superintendent Jack Cunningham

15982 E. High Street

P.O. Box 188

Middlefield, Ohio 44062


West Geauga School District

Superintendent Dr. Rich Markwardt

8615 Cedar Road

Chesterland, OH 44026


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RWB Question.png
RWB Question.png
Does a signature matter?


The correct signature matters! Ohio's homeschool statute states that the district superintendent shall provide a written acknowledgment of the superintendent’s receipt of the notice to the parent or guardian not later than fourteen calendar days after receiving the notice. This implies that the signature should be that of the superintendent of the local district.

Most exemptions in Geauga county are filtered through the Educational Services Center and will have your local superintendents signature on your excusal. The state board of education's legal department determined that there is no issue with the schools contracting with the ESC to offer this service as long as the correct signature is included.

Another reason the proper signature matters has to do with Ohio's diploma fairness law. You can read that law here.

What about socialization?


"Some people really struggle with interacting with others. This is a personality issue, not a schooling issue...I know hundreds of socially awkward people who graduated from government schools. Being in a school is not a cure for awkwardness. If you have a child who struggles with social interaction, you need to work with that child and help [them] overcome his or her fears, bad habits, and/or inhibitions."


Israel Wayne, Answers for Homeschooling: Top 25 Questions Critics Ask

What about school boards?


Should homeschoolers care about state and local school board elections? A big YES! These elections are important to you - the taxpaying homeschooler of Geauga County!

The state board of education oversees our homeschool regulations and it is helpful to have someone who understands homeschooling on the board. LOCALLY it is important because the district school board hires the superintendent that handles homeschooling notifications and also helps make decisions regarding sports and non graded school activities in which homeschooled kids are legally permitted to participate.


Find out who is running in your district this year and what they stand for. Don't be silenced because you are not IN the system. You are PAYING for that system and the decisions made do impact the homeschooling community.

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