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Autism Homeschooling Helps

Local Resources

Patterns Behavioral Services - Chardon
A highly skilled team of clinicians are here to provide you and your family with a wide variety of resources to help you navigate the nuances of living with Autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities.  

Footprints Center for Autism - Perry
Footprints Center for Autism (FCA) is a Northeast Ohio based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to [the] mission of providing comprehensive, collaborative, and child-centered programming for individuals with autism in a positive and non-restrictive learning environment so that each child can reach their highest potential and achieve excellence in all aspects of life. 


Online Resources

Autism and Homeschooling - private Facebook group 

Autism & Homeschooling is a discussion and support group available to everyone who is interested in home educating kids on the autism spectrum. We are here to help and to share, to motivate and to encourage. This group is inclusive and not affiliated with any religion, philosophy or political ideology. To honor our diversity and keep discussions positive and on-topic we respectfully ask that you save political and religious commentary for other forums. The group is closed which means that while others can see it, and the membership, actual posts can only be seen by group members. This is to protect and assure the privacy of our membership. There is an open companion group called Learning Support Resources where free educational resources for everyone to use as needed are posted on a daily basis. Members are encouraged to check out that group as well. 

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