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Reclaim Your Child's Education


transitive verb

To call back from error, wandering or transgression, to the observance of moral rectitude; to reform; to bring back to correct deportment or course of life.  Webster's 1828 Dictionary

How does a parent reclaim their child's education? One way is to home educate their children and take ALL aspects of schooling in hand. That is first and foremost what Geauga Homeschool is here to help parents do. We believe that home education allows for the most focused involvement in a child's life - from mathematics to character development to history to family relationships.

While the commitment required for home education will not be achievable for every family, that doesn't mean parents can't reclaim their child’s education. Running for school board, attending school board meetings each month, knowing what training teachers are required to participate in, insisting on seeing and reviewing the entire curriculum their child is being taught, volunteering for anything possible in the classes and extracurriculars in which their child is involved, and knowing and encouraging the teachers who are daily instructing their child are all ways to reclaim education while utilizing the public system. Geauga Homeschool is happy to share how to do this and give resources to help them in their reclamation of education.

If you would like to reclaim YOUR child's education in one of those ways and need help doing so, please contact us today.

You DO have a choice and we encourage you to reclaim your child's education! Find recources to help you here.

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