College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus (CCP) allows your student to attend local colleges to receive dual credit for both high school and college. The state provides a certain amount of credits to your student for free. As a homeschool student, the application process and the credit amount differs from those who attend public or private schools.  Please keep in mind you students maturity level and ability to handle adult/controversial content as it WILL come up. It is good to look at the college catalog and try to determine what classes your student would take each semester, how much time/work would be required for that course and how that balances with the work the student needs to do through home school.  This will help you determine the number of credits you will need to ask for. Please only ask for what you will use. If you ask for more than you will use, those are wasted and cannot be transferred to another student. Being diligent about what credits you will use , leaves the credits for others who could use them.

Most of the time the deadline is April 1st at 5pm in the SPRING prior to the year that the student will use the credits. The application process usually opens of February 1st. Please do not wait to do the steps below as this deadline does run into some colleges spring break.

Here are the steps you need to do:

  1. Apply to Colleges: Most applications are online. Your student should be able to do this independently. Apply to more than one college. The reason being that you may or may not be accepted at a college and then you will have one to fall back on. However, the biggest reason is scheduling. That way you can pick the courses and schedules that fit best to what you have going on. Please note, some colleges do not participate in CCP.

  2. At the College: Find out when the entrance testing is for each college and get that scheduled! All students must take the English/Language testing. If you are intending to take math courses you will also need to take the math entrance testing. Each college may have a different name for these test. They could use the same test or not, DO NOT assume.

The admission process will require you to send a transcript for your student with the courses they have completed and are currently taking though high school and their grades/credits given for each class and the total GPA. They may ask for your excusal letter and transcripts from other schools if you pulled them out of another school or they attend a school such as Auburn Career Center.

  1. CCP Advisor Meeting: More than likely you will be required to have a meeting with a CCP advisor for each school. That will also take time to schedule!

  2. Parent Account: Set up your parent account with the Ohio Department of Education called College Credit Plus Funding Application. On the ODE website are step by step instructions. You must then wait for “approval” of the account. You will receive an email. Sometimes it is a few minutes, other times it is a few days.

  3. Upload: You must upload your excusal letter and then once the student has the acceptance letter for a college, those must be uploaded. Please upload the acceptance letter from all colleges your student has been accepted to. You can only apply CCP credits to the schools you have acceptance letters for. You should not upload just one. Also, please note, your student CANNOT get an acceptance letter until you have satisfied all that the colleges require.

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